Pocket Spring Mattress 180x200 Malsen Hybrid

BECAUSE A GOOD DAY STARTS IN THE BEDROOM! One mattress - many possibilities

Pocket Spring Mattress 180x200 Malsen Hybrid

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Product features

Type Multipocket mattress
Color light grey
Height 150cm
Width 180 cm
Length 200 cm
Hardness H2- medium soft , H3- medium hard
Cover Material: 77% polyester, 23% viscose 580 gr / m2, open and removable.
Highly elastic layer Springy foam Malsen Extra Resilient (MXR) density: 35 kg / m3, height: 6 cm
Thermoelastic layer Soy foam Malsen Fresh Soy, height: 2 cm, Malsen Body Adapt, density 45 kg / m3, height: 5 cm
Multipocket 7 comfort zones
Zipper Yes, two zippers
Certificates OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, first class, Certi-Pur
Warranty 10 years for foam
Country of origin Poland
Time to return 14 days
Shipping time 3-5 days
Packing method Rolled mattress

At Malsen, we know that sleep plays a key role in our lives!

We spend nearly 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and how we sleep affects the other 2/3!

However, for our sleep to be healthy and comfortable we need a properly selected high quality mattress.

Because a good Day starts in the bedroom!

One mattress - many possibilities

Malsen Hybrid mattress construction is based on two degrees of firmness.

The upper medium-hard one, made of Malsen fresh Soy foam, enriched with soybean oil, and the lower medium-soft one, made of thermoplastic foam with open-cell structure, perfectly adjust to the shape of the body! By using this solution, each side of our Malsen Hybrid Mattress provides the user with a different sleeping comfort!

The advanced Multipocket Resilient Springs system distributes body weight evenly across the mattress, providing optimal support and pressure point relief. In addition, thanks to the active airflow through the spring system, the Malsen Hybrid mattress maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

You choose whether you want to sleep on a softer mattress or maybe you prefer a firmer one?

The decision is yours!



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