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At Malsen, we know that sleep plays a key role in our lives!

We spend nearly 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and how we sleep affects the other 2/3!

However, for our sleep to be healthy and comfortable we need a properly selected high quality mattress.


Because a good Day starts in the bedroom!


A mattress that hugs and lifts to provide proper support!

The base of the mattress Malsen Original  it's an extra resilient foam, profiled into 7 symmetrical comfort zones Malsen MXR. It's divided into symmetrically arranged ergonomic modules for all areas of our body. This foam has very good resilience and strength it also has a high susceptibility to deformation thanks to that provides strong and stable support for our spine.

Thanks to the use of thermoelastic foam Malsen Body Adapt, mattress Malsen Original perfectly fits the body and supports them where necessary, thus ensuring exceptional comfort of use.

The top layer is made of a breathable latex layer Malsen Breath Comfort+, thanks to its elasticity and air transport channels gives the feeling of "floating", and also ensures great air circulation. 

We invite you to the product details, you will find many interesting things about the mattress Malsen Original there. 

Product details

Kind Foam mattress
Border Color - light gray
Cover Material: 77% polyester, 23% viscose 580 gr / m2, unfastened and removable. Mozliwosc prania do 60 stopni.
Hardness H3 medium hard
Certificates OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, first class, Certi-Pur
Warranty 10 lat na pianki
Non-slip underneath Non - Slip
zipper Yes
Country of origin Poland
Latex layer Malsen Breath Comfort + density 65kg/m3, wysokość: 3 cm
Thermoelastic layer Malsen Body Adapt density 45 kg / m3, height: 5 cm
Highly elastic layer Malsen Extra Resilient (MXR), height: 17 cm
Height 25 cm
Width 80 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / cm
Length 200 cm
Weight 18 kg
Delivery and Return
Shipping time 5-30 days
Time to return 30 days
Packing method Rolled mattress
cooling membrane

cooling membrane

Flexible, soft and very pleasant to the touch, the Malsen Soft Comfort cover, made of high-quality fabric enriched with plant-derived cellulose fibers, perfectly reacts to heat and dissipates it to prevent overheating at the point of contact with your body. The structure of the membrane keeps you dry all night long. It has breathable and quick-drying properties. In addition, the cover is divided into two unfastened parts, which allows you to wash a selected part of the cover. The improved bottom of the NON-SLIP cover ensures that your mattress stays in the same place all the time.

ultra airy

Open channels in the perforated latex structure of the top layer of Breath Comfort + provide additional ventilation, increasing the comfort of sleep. Due to its elasticity, the foam gives the feeling of "floating".

ultra airy
fitted to the body

fitted to the body

Intelligent Malsen Body Adapt foam gradually adjusts to the shape of the body under the influence of heat. The thermoplastic structure of the Malsen Body Adapt layer gives the impression of a pleasant wrap. Thanks to its properties, it keeps the body at an optimal temperature during sleep.

7 comfort zones

The base of the Malsen Oryginal mattress is made of a layer of extra elastic MXR foam profiled to the comfort zones. Due to the profile used, this foam is divided into symmetrically arranged ergonomic modules - it provides support in all seven areas of our body. The MXR layer has increased resilience and strength. Provides strong and stable support for your spine.

7 comfort zones

It's what's inside that counts

Malsen Original

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Malsen Original

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