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Scandinavian style has been enjoying unabated popularity for several years now. This is not surprising! Scandinavian arrangements are based on universal timeless colors - white, beige, gray. This style is characterized not only by subdued colors, but also functionality. There is no room for haphazard solutions, such as unnecessary decorative elements and bright colors.

Naturalness, simplicity and timelessness - these features of Scandinavian style determine its frequent use, also in modern bedrooms. Simple forms, high quality furniture and subtle colors create an atmosphere that is conducive to rest after an active day.

Malsen - Scandinavia has never been so close

Our stay in Scandinavia allowed us not only to get to know a fascinating culture, but also to experience long evenings and nights during cold Norwegian winters. It was then that we understood the importance of carefully crafted bedroom furnishings that should provide absolute comfort for healthy, comfortable sleep. We started to consider how to combine unique Scandinavian design with the functionality of modern solutions. The result is Malsen - an international team that produces bedroom furnishings: mattresses, pillows, furniture and other accessories. Malsen products are quintessence of characteristic Scandinavian style. They are maintained in an elegant Scandinavian style and made of materials of the highest quality. You will find everything you need to furnish your bedroom comfortably at Malsen!

Comfortable bed is a must

You will probably agree with us that the bed is the most important piece of furniture in every bedroom. Decorating a bedroom in Scandinavian style, it is worth considering comfortable, solidly made models maintained in shades of gray or other neutral colors, which will create a coherent whole with the interior. When choosing a bed for the bedroom you can rely on the offer of the brand Malsen. To meet the expectations of customers, we have introduced solidly made furniture with a stable frame. Continental beds are especially popular among our customers, which attract attention with their modern design. Our continental beds have bolsters and are upholstered with hard-wearing fabrics in muted colors. Our continental beds will look great in both Scandinavian and minimalist style bedrooms.

Ensure a healthy night's sleep by choosing the right mattress

We strive to provide customers with solutions that are not only maintained in the trendy Scandinavian aesthetics, but also enable the highest comfort of sleep. Our mattresses are an example of this. By choosing Malsen mattresses, you are investing in a comfortable, healthy and safe sleep.

We can offer you the Malsen Hybrid mattress, whose construction is based on two degrees of firmness. The upper part of the mattress is medium firm, while the lower part is medium soft. As a result, the mattress adapts to the shape of your body, while providing the right stability during sleep.

Another recommended solution is the Malsen Original model, which has been divided into symmetrically placed ergonomic modules for different areas of our body. Thus, the mattress provides the highest comfort and excellent support for the spine.

Sleeping pillow. What will be the best?

A mattress that keeps your body in the right position and a properly selected pillow are a duo that contributes to your healthy sleep. For everyday use, our pillows are made of thermoelastic foam or latex. They are flexible, resilient and, thanks to their open channels, breathable, which translates into a feeling of freshness. We've also thought about your comfort while traveling - our Malsen Travel Pillow in thermoelastic foam conforms perfectly to your head, neck and shoulders. It's a great solution for travel by plane, train or car.

Remember that Scandinavian style is not only a tasteful combination of muted colors and natural, durable materials. It is also a unique combination of functionality and comfort. When decorating a bedroom in this popular style, it is worth betting on practical and timeless solutions. Take advantage of our experience. Malsen is a brand that delivers on all the Scandinavian style ideas. Our beds, mattresses and pillows look great while giving you a comfortable night's sleep.