Scandinavian style baby cots. Find out about their advantages!

Scandinavian style baby cots. Find out about their advantages!

21.11.2021 126

Natural wood will add warmth to Scandinavian arrangements Fans of Scandinavian arrangements know very well that white is a very characteristic color for a Nordic style bedroom.

White walls, white floor, white accessories - this is quite a common solution. It is therefore not surprising that many people who consider decorating a child's room in the Scandinavian style fear that the whole arrangement will seem cool and sterile. You definitely want to avoid this effect in your toddler's room, which should radiate a warm atmosphere and be cozy. Here, wooden furniture, including pine cots, comes to your aid. Pine wood has a warm yellowish color, distinct structure and graining. Thus, not only will the wooden cot match the white color that is predominant in the room, it will also add warmth to the whole arrangement.

Child safety first!

When buying a Scandinavian-style crib, pay attention to whether it ensures the safety of your baby. We encourage you to choose a piece of furniture with a solid structure that will withstand children's games. High-class cots have perfectly smooth edges, so there is no risk of cuts or scratches. If you choose one of the Malsen cots, we can assure you that you are choosing a piece of furniture made of good quality wood, which is ecological, no toxic substances were used in its production. The material was processed without the use of harmful varnishes and impregnating substances.

Pine wood beds and their impact on health

Pine wood, popular in our country, is a material that is not only durable and looks great, but also health-friendly due to its properties. Pine wood has antistatic properties, which means that it does not attract dust and, in addition, prevents it from floating in the air. Thus, a pine cot is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. Another argument in favor of buying a piece of furniture made of this material is its hygroscopic properties - because pine wood absorbs and releases water vapor to the environment, it regulates the level of humidity.