Why a Malsen mattress?

Why a Malsen mattress?

06.08.2021 155

The Malsen company is a producer of modern solutions for bedrooms - both beds, mattresses and pillows, which are created by hand with great attention to detail. The inspiration for creating the Malsen brand was a fascination with the unique Scandinavian style, which is minimalist, elegant and at the same time very functional. During our stay in Scandinavia, we had the opportunity to appreciate the local solutions that were designed to ensure maximum sleep comfort during long winter nights. We then decided to create a brand that would focus on providing Scandinavian-style bedroom furnishings that would enable a healthy and comfortable sleep.

In our post, we would like to focus on modern Malsen mattresses. These are high-quality products that are highly appreciated - as many as 95% of our customers confirm that sleeping on a Malsen mattress improved their sleep quality and mood. What other arguments support the choice of a Malsen mattress? In this post you will find the answer!

Modern solutions for demanding customers

From the very beginning, we focus on modern technologies and attention to detail. In the production of Malsen mattresses, we have implemented innovative solutions that are to promote night rest. Here are a few of them:

active gel technology in Malsen Hybrid mattresses - Malsen Fresh Soy foam, which contains soybean oil, cools the body where it touches the mattress. The excess heat is transferred to the deeper layers of the mattress;
7 comfort zones in Malsen Original mattresses - symmetrical zones have been separated that provide optimal support to seven different areas of the body. For optimal support of the spine, a layer of MXR foam has been used, which is characterized by increased strength and elasticity;
cooling membrane - Malsen mattress covers have a membrane structure which ensures comfortable dryness throughout the night. You can learn more about the advantages of our covers below.

Even better fit to the body thanks to Malsen Body Adapt foam!

In the production of our mattresses, both the Malsen Hybrid and Malsen Original models, we used the modern thermoelastic Malsen Body Adapt foam. This intelligent, open-cell foam structure adjusts to the body shape of the person lying on the mattress under the influence of heat. The Malsen Body Adapt foam layer wraps the body in a pleasant way, which helps to increase the comfort of sleep. The foam also has the important advantage that it keeps the body of the sleeping person at the right temperature.

High-class mattress covers

In order to provide our customers with the highest possible sleeping comfort, we not only took care of the appropriate construction of our mattresses, but also equipped them with pleasant-to-the-touch covers. Malsen Soft Comfort covers are flexible and soft. They react to heat and carry away its excess. As a result, there is no unpleasant feeling of overheating at the point of contact of the body with the mattress. Our mattress covers are also safe for allergy sufferers. In addition, they are breathable and quick-drying.

Other advantages of Malsen mattresses

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality solutions. That is why the foams used in the production of Malsen mattresses are covered by a 5-year warranty. We would also like to emphasize that all layers of our mattresses meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1 standard. In practice, this means that these products are completely safe for the user's skin, also for the delicate skin of babies.
Choose a Malsen mattress and enjoy a healthy sleep every day. See for yourself how proper regeneration will affect your mood and effectiveness during the day. Choose the model that will meet your expectations now!