What infuences on yopur sleep comfort?

What infuences on yopur sleep comfort?

06.08.2021 168

Sleep is an essential part of our body's regeneration. On average we should sleep about 8 hours every day. It is as much as 1/3 of our life! However in order for sleep to fulfill its role, i.e. let us regenerate mentally and physically, it should be undisturbed and long enough. Sleep deficiency or its poor quality lead to serious disorders of the nervous system. People who sleep too little, are distracted, feel fatigue. Other negative effects of sleep deprivation are: nervousness, problems with concentration and memory, lower speed of reaction. Long-term sleep deprivation has a very negative impact on our overall quality of life!

Healthy lifestyle improves sleep quality.

Our lifestyle has a huge impact on the quality of our sleep. Regular physical activity is very important. At least 30 minutes of activity a day is recommended. It does not have to be a strenuous workout. Regular walking will also bring great results. If you want a higher quality of sleep, pay attention to your diet. Optimally, eat your last meal of the day about 2-3 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, your body will have to digest dinner while you sleep, which will significantly reduce the quality of your sleep. If possible, also avoid intense mental work late in the evening, as your mind may have trouble calming down. You should not drink coffee or caffeinated beverages a few hours before going to bed.

A healthy routine before bedtime

Think about what time you want to get up and go to bed.... and stick to those times on the weekends too. By sleeping about 8 hours a night during the week, you won't be tempted to oversleep on your days off. Make sure you get plenty of rest before bedtime. Avoid intense physical activity. Avoid bright lights. In the evening a better solution will be diffused gentle light of lamps with a warm color. Before going to bed, air out the bedroom, take care of the right temperature for sleep - 18-20 degrees C. At least an hour before bed put the phone and turn off the computer - blue light emitted by these devices stimulates the human brain, which ultimately makes it much harder to fall asleep. Before bedtime it is recommended to limit external stimuli, instead of scrolling through Facebook put on a few pages of a book.

The right bedroom furnishings for a healthy night's sleep

If you want your sleep to allow your body and mind to regenerate, you should not only follow the above recommendations, but also take care of the right bedroom equipment. It has a significant impact on the comfort of your sleep!
If you visit our website, you have come to the right place. Malsen products, inspired by Scandinavian style, are not only characterized by an attractive, minimalist design, but also, thanks to the use of modern technology and the best materials, provide high comfort of sleep. A solid bed of an appropriate size is not everything. It is very important to choose a good mattress and pillow - these two elements of bedroom furniture have a huge impact on the comfort of our sleep.

Our medium-firm mattresses allow you to maintain proper sleeping posture. Thanks to the Malsen Extra Resilient foam layer, which is both resilient and firm, they provide optimal support for your spine. The Malsen Body Adapt thermo-elastic foam is responsible for a great fit to the body and a pleasant wrapping effect. We also offer latex and foam pillows that are resilient and flexible and provide excellent support for the head, neck and spine.

As many as 95% of our customers who have decided to purchase one of our Malsen mattresses confirm that their quality of sleep and their mood has significantly improved thanks to our product. Do you want to get more sleep and have lots of energy every day? Commit to a healthy lifestyle and ensure a comfortable sleeping environment. You will soon see that it works!